F1 Racing April 2013
F1 Racing April 2013
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F1 Racing April 2013

Track to the future

Ferrari are the only team in the sport with their own test track. Could it be about to see active use once again?

The making of a McLaren driver

Sergio Perez is in for a shock to the system as McLaren build him up to what they expect him to be: a winner

Tunnel vision

Desperate even for tiny aero gains, teams are queueing up to use Toyota’s high-tech F1 windtunnel facilities

Go figure

A numerical examination of triple champs Red Bull

The life cycle of an F1 tyre

Pirelli rubber, from fastidious development to use in road construction – by way of some seriously hardcore racing

You ask the questions

You’re keen to learn just how tough it is at the top as Jean-Eric Vergne competes against his team-mate Daniel Ricciardo in the cut-and-thrust world of Toro Rosso

In conversation with...

...last-minute Marussia signing, Jules Bianchi

The iceman on ice

Kimi had them lining up in Moscow as he fought an icy duel against Charles Pic. F1 Racing came along for the ride

Going Dutch

At the age of 27, Giedo van der Garde has finally got his lucky break in Formula 1, courtesy of Caterham

Lunch with Mika Hakkinen

Maurice Hamilton catches up with the original flying Finn to discuss those two world titles, that life-threatening shunt... and a long and painful recovery

Sample Feature
2013 Eyes on the prize A lesser man and team than Fernando Alonso and Ferrari might have been crushed by the disappointment of losing the 2012 world drivers' title. But, as F1 Racing learned, a wounded animal is the most dangerous...

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Romain gladiator

Off the back of a season crammed with silly skirmishes, a more restrained Grosjean is ready to do serious battle

Domenicali feels the pressure

We meet the man tasked with ensuring Ferrari provide Fernando Alonso with the car he needs to take the title

The perfect 2013 racer

Nab a nose off a Sauber and wangle a few Williams wheel ducts and you've got the car everyone wishes they'd built


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