Roco 10814 Z21 WIFI pakke
Roco 10814 Z21 WIFI pakke
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Roco 10814 Z21 WIFI pakke

Control your trains and turnouts with your SmartPhone or tablet via the popular Z21 App.
Self-explanatory control functions for your model railway layout (through icons, image integration, etc.). Control your locomotives with photorealistic driver’s cabs for the ultimate driving experience. You can automate routes.
It lays the basis for PC guided automation, because of WiFi interface (eg. witht Rocrail®, iTrain®, TrainController®, etc.)

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The z21 WLAN package contains a preconfigured router and the activation code for the z21start. This way the z21start can accept commands for locomotives and turnouts via the WiFi interface and process them.

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RO 10814


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