The Railway Magazine februar 2012
The Railway Magazine februar 2012
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The Railway Magazine februar 2012

Headline News
Alstom and Angel push for Pendolinos on GWML and ECML; Heathfield branch back in use for freight; DRS to operate workers trains; ‘Footballer’ nameplate sells for £35,000 after fake scare; Green light for Croxley Green project; Flying Scotsman will appear at Barrow Hill; Arriva Class 175 hits lorry on crossing.

Track Record
The Railway Magazine’s monthly news digest

58 Steam & Heritage
P1 is computer modelled; New build B17 for Mid-Norfolk; Shannon restoration plan dropped.

68 Railtours
Concern over York triangle removal plan; DRS and Riviera buy Rail Blue stock; Steam for Met ‘150’.

73 Traction & Stock
Virgin prepares for winter; GBRf Class 92s approved for HS1; 56s sold for scrap; Football fan names loco.

76 Traction Update
Scrapped, repainted, named or sold? Full details here.

78 Network
£43m for Peterborough station; Thameslink enhancements at Blackfriars; New plans for West Wales.

80 Classic Traction
‘Teddy Bear’ for West Somerset; Top award for Electric Railway Museum; Dartmoor Type 4 unleashed.

82 Narrow Gauge
Gertrude on its travels; Sittingbourne to return; Victorian Manx wagon rebuilt; Dorothea in steam at 110 years old.

84 World
Interrail is 40; Swiss locos stolen; Emirates expansion.

86 Metro
Edinburgh trams for 2014 start; Software bugs hit Metrolink; More Blackpool trams arrive.

88 Operations News
A round-up of news from the train and freight operating companies.

11 Multiple Aspects

11 Railways in Parliament

12 Timetable Changes

30 Subscriptions Offer

38 Platform
Your lively monthly letters page.

56 Meetings
Details of railway society meetings near you.

93 Heritage Diary
A comprehensive listing of dates when heritage railways and steam centres will be open this winter.

94 100 Years Ago
A look back to what Britain’s senior rail tile was reporting 20, 50 and 100 years ago.

97 Reader Services

98 Prize Crossword

14 Starts from ’The Cross’
In Practice & Performance, Keith Farr explains the challenges facing steam crews to get away from King’s Cross without slipping or stalling.

21 Rails in the Dales
Andy Flowers puts the Wensleydale Railway, one of the fastest growing heritage lines, under the microscope.

26 The North Clyde Branches
For the fourth of our Branch Line features, Chris Milner goes north of the border and visits the North Clyde branches to Milngavie, Balloch and Helensburgh.

32 Titled Trains of Britain - part 3
Presenting the third part of the exclusive series started in the November 2011 issue, covering Titled Trains from the ‘St Mungo’ to ‘Thanet Pullman Limited’.

40 Loco-hauled through the ages
A nostalgic look by Mike Page at how Beccles has changed, even though loco-hauled specials have continued.

43 The Dorset Dazzlers
Mike Arlett concludes his tale of the legendary Somerset & Dorset footplate crew of Donald Beale and Peter Smith.

49 Panorama
A selection of some of the best railway images in our monthly showcase.

53 Railway Clearing House
The Railway Clearing House was once a well-used term. David Monk-Steel explains its functions and how its work prevented disputes between railway companies.



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